4th Annual

Ancient City Ruby

April 6-8, 2016St. Augustine, FL



Wednesday, April 6, 2016
9:00AM - 5:00 PM


Casa Monica Hotel
95 Cordova Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084
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Learn to Code


Sean Sellek

Software Developer & Instructor

Wyncode's Learn to Code workshop is aimed at those who are interested in coding, but may feel intimidated or are unsure of how to begin learning. The goal is to reduce those apprehensions, and introduce attendees to programing in an interactive way. The day-long workshop consists of mini-lectures interlaced with numerous hands-on practice exercises that attendees complete solo or in pairs. The day culminates with students being guided through the process of developing a simple game that might have seemed impossible before, followed by closing notes on how they can continue their learning in the field.

Refactoring Without Fear


Beverly Nelson

Railsbridge organizer, Tech Club Founder, and Mentor in RubyFriends user group

This workshop is geared towards Ruby developers who have mastered the basics of new Rails applications and are interested in gaining the skills to improve on a codebase through refactoring. Our goal is to examine an existing Rails application and identify where to start, what strategies to implement, and refactor with confidence.

Requirements: A laptop with a Ruby development environment set up and an understanding of Ruby and Rails basics.

Introduction to Elixir/Phoenix


Micah Woods

International code instructor, developer at Hashrocket

This course is geared towards experienced Rails developers who want to learn more about Elixir/Phoenix. Phoenix will feel familiar but at its core it is a concurrent, fault tolerant, real-time framework. You will discover how quickly you can be up and running with traditional Web apps and even Web sockets. We’ll start by covering the similarities to Rails, but we’ll quickly show where Phoenix differs. You’ll be chomping at the bit to build your next app in Phoenix!

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